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6mm Hollow Quartz Terp Pillars with Holes

6mm Hollow Quartz Terp Pillars with Holes

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Hollow Quartz Terp Pillars with Holes are made out of solid quartz with a wide hollow center. The hollow core helps the pillar float in the center of the barrel versus shooting up the middle tube. The holes increase the surface area and help agitate the concentrates to maximize function and efficiency.

Available Sizes:

      • 6x20mm
      • 6x25mm
      • 6x30mm
      • 6x35mm
      • 6x40mm

Cleaning Instructions:

To properly clean your Pillar, avoid using rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solutions when they are hot as this can lead to thermal shock and cracking. Instead, use a dry cotton swab to clean them and be mindful of the temperature. Do not expose your Pillar to direct flame, as this too can cause thermal shock. For best results, gradually increase and decrease the heat inside your banger. Please note, we cannot be held accountable for any cracking that occurs as a result of not following these cleaning guidelines.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Der Nation
Game Changer!!!!

What a fantastic addition to not only my collection, really anyone's banger. Given the ability to fill the 6mm Hollow Terp Pillar with a variety of concentrates, allows for an out of this world taste with a cold start. Or if you prefer the hot drop the pillar acts as a drain tube for a continuous rip for heavy clouds. I tip my hat to all who's hads played in this masterpiece.

Steven Maslauskas

This is the best dab pillar that I own

Very nice

Great customer service sent a pic of my terp slurper to make sure I got the right size hollow pillar and immediate response with the size to get.... received it perfectly...spins and everything....super fast shipping got it in 2 days.