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Captain Tokez - 6mm Opal Terp Pearls (2pc)

Captain Tokez - 6mm Opal Terp Pearls (2pc)

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Set of 2 Opal Terp Pearls by @CaptainTokezGlass

Encased opal terp pearls between 6-7mm. Opal encased terp pearls are not only beautiful but functionally superior to regular opals. By encasing the opal in borosilicate, the heat retention of the terp pearl is increased providing you with the perfect combination of form and function.

Cleaning Instructions:

To properly clean your Pearls, avoid using rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solutions when they are hot as this can lead to thermal shock and cracking. Instead, use a dry cotton swab to clean them and be mindful of the temperature. Do not expose your Pearls to direct flame, as this too can cause thermal shock. For best results, gradually increase and decrease the heat inside your banger. Please note, we cannot be held accountable for any cracking that occurs as a result of not following these cleaning guidelines.
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