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30mm Clear Bottom Quartz Banger

30mm Clear Bottom Quartz Banger

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In the world of dabs, bigger truly is better, and our 30mm Clear Bottom Banger is the embodiment of that principle. Designed for enthusiasts who appreciate generous dabs and unforgettable seshes, this banger takes your experience to the next level.

Size Matters: Say hello to spacious dabs and longer, more enjoyable sessions. The 30mm clear bottom bucket is perfect for those who crave extra-generous globs or prefer extended seshes with friends. This banger ensures you'll never run out of room to explore your concentrates fully.

Precision and Performance: The beveled edge top isn't just a design flourish – it's a game-changer. Your bubble carb cap fits seamlessly, creating a smooth, airtight seal. This precision means your concentrates vaporize evenly and efficiently, delivering maximum flavor and potency with every draw.

Clarity and Quality: Crafted from 100% premium quartz, our bangers deliver exceptional clarity and purity. Experience the full range of flavors in your concentrates, as our quartz enhances your dabbing experience.

Order your 30mm Clear Bottom Banger now and embrace the world of size and precision in the world of dabbing.


  • Height: 50mm
  • Outer Bucket Diameter: 30mm
  • Inner Diameter: 25mm
  • Wall Thickness: 2.5mm
  • 100% Premium Quartz
  • Import Product


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James walbridge
Great banger

Really great banger it's a touch hugh but everything is perfect about it airflow heat retention design and thickness are all great as well as the fit and finish are well done especially for the price all import bangers are way overpriced nowadays but thats what it takes to get the quality I need no reason this banger won't last 5 years for me

Lord Ryan Gold
30mm deep dish

Very pleased with how deep this thing is it’s huge I use a 30mm insert and u need the extra room for the airflow to really make it milk and these nails r perfect for it also they sent me a free slurper aswell

Glass Goddess
Amazing all around!!!!!

If your looking for great deals on smoking accessories this is the place!!! I have been buying from GeeWestGlass for years and have been so happy with every purchase!!!