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20mm Clear Shredder Quartz Banger

20mm Clear Shredder Quartz Banger

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Tired of unsatisfying dabs? Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to the Shredder! This banger is the epitome of function and simplicity, empowering you to create thick, satisfying clouds with ease. Get ready to outperform the competition with this game-changing banger!

Embrace the Shredder: The Shredder is more than a banger; it's your ticket to unparalleled dabbing satisfaction. Designed for those who demand thick, flavorful clouds, this banger delivers the performance you've been searching for. 

Pure Simplicity: Sometimes, less is more. The Shredder embodies simplicity and efficiency. Its straightforward design allows you to focus on what truly matters—the quality of your dabs. With this banger, you're in control of the experience, and the results speak for themselves.

Clarity and Quality: Crafted from 100% premium quartz, our bangers deliver exceptional clarity and purity. Experience the full range of flavors in your concentrates, as our quartz enhances your dabbing experience.

It's time to take control of your dabs and say hello to satisfaction. Order your 20mm Clear Shredder Banger today and experience the difference for yourself.


  • Height: 50mm
  • Outer Bucket Diameter: 20mm
  • Inner Diameter: 16mm
  • Bottom Dish: 40mm
  • Wall Thickness: 2.5mm
  • 100% Premium Quartz
  • Import Product
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Customer Reviews

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Tony lastro

Hands down one of my favorites. It totally Lives up to its name. Daily use and keeps on shreddin!!