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4 Stack Diamond Knot Nail

4 Stack Diamond Knot Nail

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4 Stack Diamond Knot

Carb Cap-Free Design

Eliminates the Need for Additional Accessories,

Built to Deliver Unparalleled Flavor Retention.

Keeping Your Diamond Knot Nail Pristine Is a Breeze. Simply Torch It Clean or Soak It in Isopropyl Alcohol.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Michael K
        The 4 Stack hits like a Mack truck

        Man, terp slurper size clouds through a domeless nail? Absolutely, but there's a learning curve to using the diamond knots effectively. The basic premise is the more knots the bigger dabs you're able take. So, the two things with this nail compared to the banger/carb cap set up, and the reason I gave 4 stars, are it's harder to clean, you'll have to torch the chazz off, and it also requires longer heat up times because of the knots, both of which translates into burning more butane than your standard 25mm bucket. But seriously, these issues are minor in comparison to the hits this thing generates both in mass and flavor.